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Barbarossa’s oldest sibling Isaac Medley lived in the palace. Barbaros episode 1 While Barbarossa and his sibling were anxious for an ocean journey.So Haraldin Ba Rabrosa and his sibling took a boat and began exchanging adrift.

Barbarossa episode 1
Barbarossa episode 1

At first, Barbarossa and his sibling Urooj Salam used to go between a burial place of Agri Bose to get merchandise from that point and sell them in the center however, Urooj was not happy with these nearby outings.

He needed to go to Trabal Syria. Barbaros episode 1So one day he and his more youthful sibling Elias set out from Medley for Trabal, Syria, yet en route to Syria they experienced a knight on the island of Rhodes. A wild fight followed between the two, which brought about the passing of Elias, the most youthful sibling of Barbaros. Furthermore, they took him to Rhodes, bound him in chains, and bound him in chains.

Barbarossa Turkish Series Episode 1 English subtitles

At the point when he got the information on his siblings, he turned out to be extremely miserable. Barbaros drama episode 1 in urduAlso, cried a ton, and yet, he quickly began attempting to get his sibling delivered. An unbeliever companion of Barbaros named Crew exchanged with the island of Rhodes.They took him in a boat and went to Bodrum close to Prodos. Showing up there, he told his companion Crew that today would be a trial of your kinship. Take this 8,000 aqja and go there and survey the circumstance.I’m sitting tight for you in the restroom.

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The family members pivoted and said in answer, “Your request is finished.”He met Arooj Raees, the sibling of Barbarosa.Also, he said to them, “Your sibling is welcoming you with incredible happiness,and he is profoundly disheartened by your catch by the skeptics.

Barbarossa Episode 1 In English Subtitles

” He has sent me to you and he is sitting tight for some uplifting news about you in Buddhism.At the point when Arooj heard this, he cried boisterously. Furthermore, he said to the group, “Welcome my sibling.” And let nobody know the justification for your appearance on this island. The rising ruler knew a renowned man of Rhodes whose name was Center Olu.He would once in a while go to her and get to know her circumstance. barbaros turkish series episode 1 english subtitles

One day Arooj revealed to him that the Knights of Rhodes could never offer me to my sibling Barbarossa.But he may sell you.

Barbarossa Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles

On the off chance that you oust me from this island, I will pay your obligation.

Individuals of the Center consented to this and revealed to Arj that in the event that I requested this straightforwardly from them,

they would track down the matter dubious. barbaros episode 1 english subtitles full episode

So it is smarter to pass before my shop when you come to town.

Why Sultan Selim Yavuz Killed His Brothers

Try not to gaze at the store to tell them I know you.

  • Barbarossa Episode 1 In Urdu & English Subtitles Release Date
  • Barbarossa Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles
  • Barbarossa Episode 1 In English Subtitles
  • Barbaros episode 1 in urdu
  • Barbaros episode 1
  • barbarossa episode 1 english subtitles

Then, at that point, one day Center Olu was sitting before his shop conversing with the Knights of the island of Rhodes when out of nowhere he saw the rising head passing before his shop. So he asked the mariners sitting close to him, “Whose detainee is this?” I generally see him passing by and he takes care of his work with extraordinary action.Assuming this proprietor needs to sell it, I will get it.

barbarossa episode 1 in urdu

On hearing this, one of the commanders close to him said, “I own it.” I’m willing to sell it assuming you need to get it.’Hearing this, Center Olu asked the cost, where might you sell it, and what amount? The commander of the boat answered. At 1,000 dinars, Center Olu mentioned a decrease in cost, to which he answered, “Indeed, as far as you might be concerned, I will sell it for 800 dinars.”

On which individuals of the middle concurred. However, these arrangements were dropped before they were found. The Knights of Rhodes discovered that Rise is a notable trader. Also, they disclosed to one another that his sibling Bar Bruce was in the room. What’s more, they are prepared to pay 10,000 dinars for his delivery. In the event that a detainee worth 10,000 dinars is sold for 800 dinars, where is the intelligence?

He returned the cost to the Center Olu and reclaimed the ascent.He took in the genuine benefit of ascending from a wrinkle.He additionally ate up the 8,000 Aqja of Barbarossa and educated the Knights regarding the readiness of Barbarossa for the arrival of Aruj.

Barbaros season 1 episode 1 Urdu subtitles

The Russians then, at that point secured the ascent an underground storage room. With the goal that he was unable to prevail in any endeavor for his delivery. What’s more, he was tormented like never before.

One day Urooj requested the official from Kotri what would you like to get by rebuffing me?The official answered, “O Turk, I know how you attempted to save your life for 800 dinars, and your sibling Khair-ud-Din is hanging tight for your delivery in the encampment.” Do you figure we don’t have any acquaintance with it or would we say we are inept?

After the discussion, the dictator official arranged for the jail watchman to be more severe than previously. The ascent was exceptionally apprehensive about the present circumstance.One night in his room, he began crying and supplicating alone.

Barbarossa Turkish Series Episode 1 English Subtitles

O Lord, You make transparency for the humble. So help your feeble worker. Award me expedient delivery from these low unbelievers.

When this petition of the climb was acknowledged, toward the beginning of the day every one of the chiefs of Rhodes

accumulated and started to counsel about the rising. One of them said ocean conditions continue to change.

Barbarossa Episode 6 In Urdu

On the off chance that today is the pinnacle, tomorrow we will be. I don’t believe it’s more right than wrong to proceed with this savagery with this Turk. On this premise, he removed Arooj from this confined cell and detained him in a boat where he cruised as a detainee.

Arooj expressed gratitude toward Allah Almighty for this. Since it was a more prominent gift for them to cross paths with the ocean than to experience underground.

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