Al Sancak Episode 18 In Urdu subtitles

Al Sancak Episode 18 In Urdu subtitles .foe’s palace from the seeing end show respect for you at the spot Turkish standards with their blood wings ascend to the sky They need to pass on in your shadow, my child’s name the end is preeminent this Sweetheart salute to you all the while Turkish Banner to you put to recognize Türkan no Come on we remained Commendation we should complete this before the helicopter shows up well conceived plan Congrats watched it and it detonated,

however we killed the men, we have one moment to get the clinical helicopter alright, how about we leave at the earliest opportunity Did we stay occupied, Leader, we made such an arrangement that even Satan would be desirous of us.

Al Sancak Episode 18 In Urdu subtitles

Al Sancak Episode 18 In Urdu subtitles
Al Sancak Episode 18 In Urdu subtitles

No doubt, surrender, truth be told, there are no unfilled slugs briefly. Yet, you can in any case see Come on, Leader, could I at any point offer you a subject, obviously I’m standing by listening to you, you realize each knowledge official is to serve in the Insight Administration of the General Staff Genuinely, I’m pondering this also you’re plunking down Commandant, with the goal that our battle wo n’t come to a solicitation.

As a matter of fact, he thought not, yet later on, I concluded that I might want to be moved to Ankara, assuming you’d like, I wasn’t expecting it when he unexpectedly said that We want you here right currently Relax, I’m here until the octopus activity is finished. Al Sancak Episode 18 In Urdu subtitles.

Al Sancak Episode 18 Urdu subtitles

There could be not a great explanation for this choice, right, sir, was something I’ve been pondering from that point forward. Nothing to say. Try not to be a prevention by any stretch of the imagination. I maintain that my youngsters should constantly be at the highest point of their vocations. As I said previously, the planning of this occupation is critical.

At the point when the day comes, we will rethink it. During this time, you will think by and by you can come out put your place down Nadya becomes Private Bora, you demonstrate me right like clockwork, you ought to have gone to this activity. I swear it was entirely charming. Al Sancak Episode 18 In Urdu subtitles .

Red Flag Episode 18 In Urdu subtitles

That is the manner by which we met when we were discussing bombings and stuff Yes Great I swear could I at any point let you know something I’m similar to I’ve known them for years They ‘re all like my siblings sit back on my paws appreciate life What does it mean are we safeguarding you .Al Sancak Episode 18 In Urdu subtitles

I got on the tactical helicopter interestingly, so u flew quite well, how about we get you out of the parachute one day, it’s entirely pleasant. it’ll be exhausting While the R is detonating So I needed to say something Commandant so I needed to say it so I explored it We should see, we should see every one of the glasses, my dark jokester doesn’t get discouraged with such ease My wellsprings of satisfaction Bon appetit.

Yes so here’s a Nadya saves us yet we save her and we roll away like that Keser returns, the handle returns, the day will come, the record returns, the chicken returns trama center What occurred, wow, did I offer something off-base, the maxim isn’t utilized in such circumstances then I say this too Without Solidarity, there is no Desperate to death Commendation Praise.

Al Sancak Episode 18 With Urdu subtitles

That is great look Gracious god, this is our most terrible day huh where are you Giggling Then I punched Ali Then by and by and again He was tossed in reverse like this was weighty in his grasp he said Chuckling I swear I’m not expecting this much Skipper You don’t expect a stone head split Look this is the right word Companions hi You are alive too be quiet, be calm, my chief, September, recover soon, thank you, leader.

However to find the bomb, we should find somebody who can supplant the Aggravation .Al Sancak Episode 18 In Urdu subtitlesTo such an extent that somebody who can do the activity from start to finish and who will have the actual attributes of rachid is extremely hazardous, so assuming Elizabeth finds out, the arrangement will come up short.

Al Sancak Episode 18 Urdu subtitles

I know Ali Sıla Are you certain that Elizabeth doesn’t have a clue about this man Yes Sir, she doesn’t. So they’ve never met, Authority, I figure we ought to utilize this benefit or we won’t ever find out rather than the bomb my administrator my leader. Makki Tv

I need to take this undertaking for me My commandant Süleyman, isn’t this man’s left leg removed beneath the knee? Indeed, here is the man you are searching for, Leader, I am In the event that you permit, I need to embrace this errand Commandant Come we should see.

Sir, full rundown of adoration and staff address data is likewise accessible Which of these is more keen on my kids Bahar Soyhan is a social laborer It’s extremely challenging, I know, commandant,

I can’t toss you into the fire in this state, yet I trust in myself. See, assuming we bring somebody from outside, Elizabeth will see right away. She said, “This lady didn’t see me.” I need to get In any case it’s ludicrous