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In the history of our Makki Tv 2 website, we will describe the lives of the great sultans of Islam who raised the flags of victory with their bravery and steadfastness and the good Islamic Sufi people of their time who gave them morals and spiritual training. The story of the great mothers of people from different tribes who raised their children in such a way that those children became martyrs and proved themselves as merciful and brave ruler. How he ruled almost half the world for a hundred years

Projecters of Makki TV 2 In Urdu

How was the Ayyubid Empire established after the Rashidah Caliphate, the Seljuk Empire and the Ottoman Caliphate established? What are the events that have an important role in the establishment of the Ottoman Caliphate? Makki TV 2 is the only platform to present Compassion in Urdu language. You can read the complete history of the Caliphate of Osmania on our website. Read it yourself and share it with your friends.


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